Revive Your Spirit


Escape your ordinary day-to-day and immerse yourself in colour, food, music and company while you create a BIG beautiful acrylic, take home, ready to hang, HERO painting!

Enjoy the freedom to loosen up, embrace colour and get to know what ignites your artistic soul while you
soak up the energy of a working artist's studio and the gorgeous Yarra Valley.  

All Levels.  Materials & Food. 3 Day Workshops & 5 Day Painting Escapes.  Small Groups. 


Formally trained in painting, printmaking, adult education and psycho-spirituality, Shani Alexander believes colour raises the spirit! Rather than teach you ‘how to paint’ Shani weaves her unique skill set into the design of her workshops to offer you a painting experience that has you get a whole lot more than you expected than just your HERO painting. You will be fully immersed in colour, food, music and company and will enjoy the freedom to loosen up, soak up the energy of a working artist's studio that has a working dog, embrace colour and also get to know what ignites your artistic soul. 

Located at jumping creek studio, near warrandyte, on the bushy fringes of Melbourne and the gateway to the yarra valley, victoria, australia...... all workshops AND escapes are limited in number and fill your inner tank with local produce, great company, inspiring conversation and freedom to express yourself artistically.  

NUDE Painting Workshop

3 glorious days

Modigliani and Matisse handled the female form with self expressive boldness and you can too! Working with references of a mature and voluptuous model we compare the masters and demystify some theory so you will feel confident to paint your very own HERO painting! Only 6 places. Read More and BOOK

FLORAL Painting Workshop

3 glorious days

Nothing is as versatile nor more beautiful than a floral arrangement. Van Gough, Margaret Ollie and Matisse responded to the beauty in their unique way and you will too!  Working from carefully composed still life studies you will paint your very own HERO piece that might become the heartbeat of your home! Only 6 places. Read More and BOOK


MODERN Painting Workshop

2 glorious days

Using a unique process based on printmaking theory, we work in free-form incorporating a variety of tools and a carefully selected bold colour palette to create a HERO painting that will compliment your decor!  Only 4 places. Read More and BOOK

SEASONAL Painting Escapes

Summer, Autumn, WINTER or spring

If a painting escape is on your bucket list then this is the experience that immerses you in the painters lifestyle BUT with the comforts and materials provided!  AND its only available when Summer, Autumn, Winter or Springtime comes to the Yarra Valley! Respond to the unique beauty of the seasons like Monet and Van Gough! Only 6 places. Read More and BOOK

10 Week Program

10 Consecutive Tuesdays 9-5

This unique Program has been especially designed to take you on the journey of exploring your creative world, nurturing your spirit & learning to listen to it, equipping you with painting fundamentals, instruct on the elements to give your paintings the wow factor; help you break free of your confines; find out what starts your engine PLUS give you 2-3 big bold ready-to-hang HERO paintings you will be coached through and proud of. 

Only 6 places. Read More